Change Makers

Why join Change Makers?

Change Makers Foundation is our 6-month flagship programme designed for leaders and change-makers who are ready to turbocharge their impact and influence.

Our next cohort start dates:

July 2023 cohort : start 18 July
February 2024 cohort : start 27 February

When you start your Change Makers journey, you’ll join a community of people like us doing things like this.  The kind of humans who lean in with an open mind, have courage in their DNA and bring an inner restlessness to want to lead with conviction - and on their way to mastering change. 

Over 6-months you'll be led through a rich curriculum with a diverse cohort of change-makers. You’ll find common ground among 'unlike-minded' people to discover your why, your passions, your people and a new way of thinking.

Your cohort will meet every five weeks for full-day workouts for connections, shared experiences, coaching, and accountability. And in between workouts, you'll continue to amplify your growth with self-paced learning, designing experiments, deliberate change making practice and tapping into a connected community of change-makers and events.

Growing into the disciplines of Change Makers will give you fresh perspectives, tools & strategies and the energy to bring breakthrough ideas to life!

We’ll cover:

  • Your Big Question: what do you stand for?
  • Your Superpowers: what makes you unique?
  • Your Credibility: what makes people come on the journey with you?
  • Your Network: who do you need to know?
  • Your System: where are your leverage points?
  • Your Experiments: how do you best make progress?

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We’ll provide you with the strategies, tools and community to help you to:

Diagnose and develop your network so you can influence more effectively

Develop and share a compelling ‘Why’ story to bring others with you

Build resilience, especially for when the going gets tough

Use systems thinking to identify where to focus your efforts

Identify and leverage your unique strengths

Upgrade thinking patterns to navigate complexity successfully

Get a guaranteed shift in ability to amplify your impact.

We get to choose our futures. Do we shrink back and play it safe, or do we learn how to adapt, lean into discomfort and rise above, paving the way for others todo the same?

Here’s what you get when you join Change Makers Foundation.

Five workouts

Day-long, in-person ‘labs’ designed to help you get expand your skillsets, mindsets and networks around your change agenda.

Individual mentoring

Work with an experienced, trained mentor to help you get unstuck, go deeper and stay accountable.


Monthly intertactive deep-dives into a Change Makers topic.


Change Makers Co-Lab is our thriving online community where you get to connect with a wide range of change-makers and access a rich array of resources.


Practical lessons delivered via videos, activities and resources to work through in your own time at your own pace.


Your investment in Change Makers Foundation is $5,500 + GST

This includes:

  • 6-month Change Makers Foundation programme
  • Change Makers book and journal
  • Life time membership to Co-Lab providing access to Digby Scott, a repository of self-paced learning modules, resources, tools, fresh thinking and a connected community of change-makers.

Make the first step towards mastering change and register for Change Makers Foundation today!

Register for Change Makers hERE

Start Date: July 2023

Our next cohort start date is Tuesday 18 July. Thereafter, the four full-day workout dates are:

Thursday 31 August 2023

Tuesday 10 October 2023

Thursday 23 November 2023

Thursday 1 February 2023

Programme Steward & lead facilitator: Digby Scott

Facilitator: Gillian Brookes

Programme Manager: Tereska Lepionka-Carroll

Change Makers

People who are invited to join Amplify have really leaned into the Foundation programme and want to amplify their impact by going deeper into their own learning and going bigger in the world. With social learning at the forefront, we’ve adopted communities of practice to enable deliberate practice, shared learning, reflection, and accountability - leading to a community of action.

Amplify meets every 5-6 weeks for full-day workouts along with a yearly retreat and opportunity to develop and evolve to become a Change Makers Mentor.

"Change Makers isn't simply a leadership program. Rather, it is an adventure where you are surrounded by epic like-minded individuals who will open your mind and encourage you to dig-deep, challenge assumptions and the status quo, and best of all - experiment!"

Kate Forsyth, Business Continuity Manager, ACC

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