Change Makers

Launch into Change Makers with Change Makers GO! Self-paced online learning modules.

Change Makers GO! is a self-paced online learning course to introduce you to the core concepts and tools we use in the Change Makers community.

We're excited to launch in 2023 our on-demand collection of six self-paced modules with Digby Scott led videos and tools delivered through Change Makers Co-Lab - our online learning and community lab.

When you take the Change Makers ideas and concepts and put them into action, you’ll immediately get a greater sense of direction and traction, and your world will open up a little more.

Course costs: NZ$149.00 + GST.

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Here’s what we’ll cover:

Module 1

Your Big Question

the question that drives your sense of purpose and gives you a piercing focus

Module 2

Running experiments

design deliberate experiments to accelerate progress and deepen learning

Module 3

Your superpowers

identify and leverage your superpowers

Module 4

Your Relationships

cultivate a network that expands your reach and keeps you sharp

Module 5

Credibility and Influence

be persuasive and influential to ensure your efforts are spread far and wide

Module 6

Pulling It All Together

develop your anchor to centre your efforts

Each module includes:

  • 1-3 instructional videos of 5-20 minutes each
  • A task or two to complete for each module
  • Tools and templates and additional resources to help you complete each task, and to use on an ongoing basis

When you complete Change Makers GO!, the learning keeps going. Change Makers Co-Lab is designed to connect and meet like-minded change-makers. It's a private place where spaces are created to collaborate, learn and embed your new habits and maintain accountability.

You also get:

  • Membership to our Co-Lab online learning and community where you’ll meet other like-minded change-makers to collaborate and learn with
  • A digital version of the Change Makers book, which makes a great companion guide while you're doing the course and beyond.

Course costs:

NZ$149.00 + GST.

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“With Change Makers you get this amazing peer network and the beauty of it is the range of tools I have taken away to keep running experiments, look at what my superpowers are, and engage with the Change Makers peer community around the things that I do and where I can support. I think all these things are really great to keep my energy levels up and keep me focused on the things I want to achieve.”

Jamie Bell, Redvespa

“I just wanted to do something different and I wanted to spend time sitting with myself to ‘go deep’ and take the time to understand who I am and where I am going so I can make an educated next move rather than just bouncing about with what could look good. I feel I have more focus, energy, and passion and can cut through the crap to know where I'm going and what decisions are the important ones.”

Emma Hissey

“The module on ‘My Big Question’ was ‘WOW’! Who has the time or space in life to think about what your big question is? For me, this went straight to my core and it made me re-think what I'm doing in my work life and try to apply it to my personal life. This was really a major thing for me with Change Makers GO!, answering My Big Question and it was a great place to start.“

Cam Perkins

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