I work with a team of exceptional people who bring their expertise, passion and energy to the workshops and programmes we’ve created. Because I’ve ‘walked the path’ with each one of them for many years, our relationships run deep. I trust no-one more to represent what I stand for and to give you the experience that you deserve.

While I’m on sabbatical, these fine folk will be leading the programmes and workshops. I’ll still be behind the scenes, providing guidance and stewardship to help them be awesome for you.

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Gillian Brookes

Change Makers Alumni, Programme Lead & Facilitator

The problems I help solve

Flipping flexible work fails into success

Getting the best from hybrid

Creating more flex opportunities when you've exhausted the what's currently possible

My Sweet Spot work

Making you feel safe enough to be much bolder

Redesigning work with productivity and wellbeing benefits at the centre

Giving you reliable toolkits that are tried, tested and keep you moving in the right direction

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Jeremy Leslie

Change Makers Alumni, Programme Lead & Facilitator

The problems I help solve

I help leaders and their teams get crystal clear about what they what they want to be known for, then design and implement no-fluff, practical ways of getting there.

My Sweet Spot work

People who are starting out on their leadership journey;

Teams who want to build a deep sense of belonging as their foundation for high performance

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Lisa Allen

Change Makers Alumni, Programme Lead & Facilitator

The problems I help solve

Helping people get unstuck and shift to their next level of performance.

Supporting teams to understand and harness their differences to accelerate impact.

Generating career strategies for energy, performance & wellbeing.

Helping organisations make system shifts that move concepts to reality.

My Sweet Spot work

Working with people who want to learn, explore and move towards their possibilities.

Working with organisational systems to create spaces where people thrive.

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Antonia Milkop

Change Makers Alumni, Facilitator

The problems I help solve

People with high potential who haven’t yet cracked how to unleash that potential.

Teams who have an unclear vision or mandate for where they want to get to.

Motivating people in order to make more of a difference in their work and life.

My Sweet Spot work

Facilitating team workshops helping teams build greater awareness of each other, work better together, and direct their unique talents for better performance and engagement, through using a language of strengths.

Coaching individuals who are in transitions in their life, e.g. change of career, moving countries, seeking a promotion at work.

Coaching people leaders to get the best out of their teams.

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Jenny Brown

Change Makers Alumni, Mentor Lead and Facilitator

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Tereska Lepionka-Carroll

Business Manager & Change Makers Programme Manager

P: +64 27 528 6379

LinkedIn: tereskalc

I'm excited to partner with Digby and our team of facilitators, mentors, coaches and community to build a thriving ecosystem for leaders in transition. A live, invitational space of learning, building connections, and finding purpose for leaders and the ambitious, embarking on a transformational journey.

A catalyst for communities of practice, I take pride in continuously evolving our support system by exploring and curating experiences that unlocks powerful connections for our members.

Email, ring or DM me. I’m always up for a chat on Change Makers, our bespoke leadership development opportunities, community hosting and the opportunity to collaborate with Digby.