Three Change Myths, Busted.

Here are three myths I think need to be busted if we’re to be successful

Myth #1: You need more confidence. 

Busted: No you don’t. You need more courage. Confidence is a by-product of courage (which itself a by-product of conviction)

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Myth #2: You need to get it right.

Busted: No you don’t. You need to experiment. Intelligently and deliberately. Experiments are the engine of change. Focus not on success or failure, but learning.

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Myth #3: You need to be perfect.

Busted: No you don’t. You want to model the process, not perfection. Take the pressure off. You’re human too.

Read more about what it means to be a role model.

Three change myths, busted.

Which one of these might you most want to pay attention to?

Explore more on the 'busted' at Why Join Change Makers information webinar.

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