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I’m a trusted mentor, guide and catalyst for leaders and change makers. With 25+ years in the people game, my expertise is all about cutting through to get to what matters, and bringing energy and fresh thinking to get people unstuck and moving forward.

Digby Scott Logo

I’m a trusted mentor, guide and catalyst for leaders and change makers. With 25+ years in the people game, my expertise is all about cutting through to get to what matters, and bringing energy and fresh thinking to get people unstuck and moving forward.

that help you
lead with purpose
and wisdom.

Evolve into better

I believe we're never 'done'. We — individuals, organisations, and societies — are ever-evolving. However, the true game breaker is when we embrace change. When we step into our power and choose to evolve into a better version of ourselves.

That’s where I come in. Drawing on my beliefs and lived experiences, I work with people to help them to move forward with purpose and learn how to lead authentically.

I believe that to lead others, you first need to lead yourself. And it isn’t just about what we do as leaders, it’s about how we think. I’ll show you how leaders learn best when concepts are explored deeply and socially. Because leadership, and becoming a strong leader, is a contact sport. We learn and we evolve into better, together.  

So, this is your invitation — will you join us?

Te tū, ki te hoe,
Puritia, kia mau ki tō ngakau.
Whāia ngā whetū,
ki ngā hau
ki ngā au o te moana,
hoea whakamua.
Tihei mauri ora.

Seize the paddle,
hold it firmly to your heart.
Follow the stars,
with the winds,
with the currents of the ocean,
paddle forward.

What's Digby
up to in 2023?

Live life deliberately bubble

I’m a big believer in deliberately creating space. Most of us live with the switch full ‘on’, which often leaves us little room to get fresh perspectives, explore new ideas and perhaps even reinvent ourselves.

In the spirit of living what I believe, during January to June 2023, I’m taking a six-month ‘delivery sabbatical’. I’ll be following my curiosity, playing with new ideas and cooking up some exciting new stuff for you.

What’s that mean for you now? Well, while I’m not currently available for any keynotes, workshops or mentoring, you can still get great value from the Change Makers programmes, and my Conversations That Matter course. And, if you’re curious, follow what I’m up to on sabbatical below.

When I’m back, you can expect some brand new stuff designed to rock your world!

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I work with an exceptional team, so you can still continue to get good stuff from me and thrive in the experience where the impact is real and lasting. That’s my promise to you.

Which path are you choosing in 2023?

  • Create your blueprint to be revolutionary with Change Makers. Designed to strengthen your thinking, your connections and your courage to amplify your impact and make change happen in your world.
  • Conversations That Matter: designed to help leaders and managers to have robust, authentic conversations to empower and enable good outcomes.
  • Thoughts: Keep your thinking fresh and aspirational and access a rich repository of my ideas and tools.

Make your mark with more impact and less drama.

Change Makers brings together passionate change agents to learn, grow and navigate the challenges of making change happen. We’re the type of people who can see a better future for our communities, our organisations, and for ourselves. Together, we support and stretch each other to make the impact we want to make while living a life by design.

I've designed Change Makers to be both a structured programme and a thriving community. You’ll get a practical set of tools and strategies that you can apply from the get-go. And, more importantly, you’ll get to connect and build relationships with some incredible people who will help accelerate your mission, stimulate your growth and expand your perspectives.

Choose your Change Makers path below.

Change Makers Foundation

Our flagship programme open to all aspiring Change Makers. Next cohort intake: 18 July 2023

Learn more

Change Makers In-house

Our flagship programme adapted for your organisation

Learn more

Change Makers GO!

The best bits, adapted for you to access at your own pace

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“Through Change Makers I’ve gone from being restless and scattered about where I want to put my energy to being crystal clear about the change I want to see. Now I’ve got that clarity I am really focused and committed to the change contribution I want to make, now and in the future. A critical ingredient of Change Makers is the tribe. I’m now part of a team that supports, encourages, challenges and shares in each others’ change agendas. This has to be the best part of the programme!”

Gillian Brookes, Building Flexible Workspace.

“Change Makers is unlike any other development programme I have experienced before. Digby has cultivated a network of people who are all motivated to make change happen, and given us the space and tools to really push the boundaries of our thinking. It’s an opportunity to grow your personal and professional resilience, to grow and challenge ideas, and to connect with an inspirational and supportive group of people”

Claire Baillie, Manager Communications, Ministry for Culture and Heritage

“The Change Makers tribe relishes uniqueness, welcomes different perspectives, and maximises our diversity. I look forward to every Change Makers workout and the opportunity it provides to ‘step off the world’ for a day, refocus, reset, then enter again more refreshed, purposeful and invigorated"

Lisa Allen - Coach, Facilitator, Contractor

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A community for
making change

Whatever Change Makers experience you choose, you’ll not only get the programme, you’ll join a thriving community.

Change Makers Co-Lab is our platform to keep you connected and learning with other like-minded Change Makers across all walks of life. Like you, they’re keen to learn, willing to share, and value the power of connection.

You get lifetime membership to Co-Lab when you sign up to so you can keep moving, embed your new habits, and maintain accountability.

Change Makers on Co-Lab

Ehara taku toa i te toa takitahi engari he toa takitini.

My success is not mine alone, it is the success of the collective.

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Stack of Change Makers books

Change Makers make the future.
Be one of them.

We get to choose our futures. Do we shrink back and play it safe, or do we learn how to adapt, lean in to discomfort and rise above, paving the way for others to do the same? This book is about the second choice. Your call.

If you’re asking “how can I change how stuff gets done around here?” “How can I make a difference?” “How can I learn to say no?” or “How do I get traction and make my mark?” then this book is for you.

This book will help you to sharpen your focus, amplify your voice, play it a little less safe, build your network, and get the traction on your change agenda that you’ve been looking for.

Buy now

That Matter

Lead people well bubble

Meaningful and effective conversations, are, at their essence, what drives the performance and development of your people, your team and your culture. The ability to have the conversations that matter is an essential skill in today’s workplace.

If conversation is a core business process, we might as well pay attention to how we’re having those conversations.

The Conversations That Matter workshop is designed to help your leaders and managers have more high impact, high quality conversations with people that matter. They’ll have more robust, authentic conversations that empower people, accelerate learning and drive business results.

How it works

In practical, hands-on workshops, we’ll cover everything from the essentials to the tricky bits, including:

  • The impact of high quality conversations
  • Key elements of conversations that matter
  • Have levels of intention in conversation
  • Fostering a ‘growth mindset’
  • Powerful listening and questioning
  • Tapping into motivation
  • How to make feedback work
  • The courage to ‘call it’

Conversations That Matter can be run over one day, over two half-days, or in three two hour sessions.  We work in a hands-on, small group workshop format, supported by an online curriculum, practical  application, on-the-job activities, and follow up.

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A collection of my thoughts about leading people well, making change happen and living life deliberately.

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