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If you want to shape a thriving leadership culture and develop leaders who are equipped to boldly navigate an ever-changing world, I would love to work with you. Here's how I can help:

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Develop your peoples’ ability to get above the fray, find their voice, and lead with depth.

Right now, I offer two powerful development programmes for people who are committed to growing their leadership to the next level:

Change Makers

Change Makers levels up your talented, high-potential ‘restless go-getters’ to be more deliberate, strategic and influential so they can make more impact and truly realise their potential.

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Amplify is a high-support, high-accountability coaching community for grounded, deeply curious leaders who want to invest in their ongoing development.

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Leadership Team Coaching

Each year, Digby works with a handful of senior leadership teams who want to become world-class.

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I offer four workshops.

All workshops can be run as punchy 90-minute online sessions, or as in-person experiences over a half-day, one-day or two half-days. The longer the session, the deeper we go.

They also come with access to our Co-Lab community, which includes a deep pool of resources, live sessions, and a diverse network of people committed to extraordinary leadership.

Changing The Game

This workshop gives you and your team a simple, powerful approach to identify and challenge the assumptions about how good work gets done. By applying the process to real life challenges, you'll be able to find new and better ways to be more both effective and efficient. The result: happier customers, and a more productive, engaged team that works sustainably and continues to evolve. 

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Mastering Facilitative Leadership

This workshop is designed for leaders seeking to unlock the full potential of their teams. In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, traditional heroic leadership models no longer suffice. This course empowers leaders to embrace a facilitative approach, fostering collaboration, creativity, and innovation.

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Building Credibility and Influence

In a world where trust is at a premium, credibility and influence are critical currencies. This workshop will enable your leaders to authentically create connection and unlock possibility to tap the collective genius of others and create momentum together.

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Conversations That Matter

A leader’s job is to enable performance and grow people. The Conversations That Matter workshop helps leaders to immediately have more high-impact, high-quality conversations that empower people, accelerate learning, and drive business results.

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DIY: Your Life By Design

An online course to help you design and sustain a life by design, not by default.

Your Life By Design is a self-paced online course + a live coaching call. It’s designed to give you the inspiration and tools to help you decide what you want 2024 to be about for you, and how you’ll sustain it.

It’s perfect to go into the summer break with, and when you get back, you’ll have a solid plan and supporting strategies to make Your Year by Design a reality.

For $249, you get three online modules, a workbook jam-packed with frameworks, templates and articles, and an ‘Ask Me Anything’ live coaching call.

What you'll get from investing in Your Life By Design

- Clarity about what’s most important to pay attention to so you can truly live a life by design
- Deeper insight into the people, habits and structures that help you to stay on track
- A clear plan on a page that helps you to stay true to what matters
- Learning from the stories of others on a similar path to you
- The confidence to say ‘yes’ what matters and ‘no’ to what doesn’t

For $249, you get three online modules, a workbook jam-packed with frameworks, templates and articles, and an ‘Ask Me Anything’ live coaching call.

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