Give the Gift of No Rush

A few weeks ago, a friend texted me saying they’d love to catch up sometime. He signed it off with the words “No rush.” And I was surprised how much I felt a sense of relief reading those words.

Since then, I’ve noticed that whenever someone adds “no rush” to a request of me, it feels like a real gift. It helps me to let go of my need to respond immediately, and / or to make a commitment that I’m not sure I’m ready to make.

“No rush” is a gift.

During a time when one in three New Zealanders are at real risk of burnout, simply saying “no rush” can make a real difference. It can help us slow down, and move beyond the fears that drive our hurriedness. And from a productivity standpoint, to create anything of real value, you’re better off investing the time it takes, rather than rushing it.

How could you give the gift of “no rush” to your team, your suppliers, your friends and even yourself today?

Image credit: Анна Рыжкова,

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