Five Disciplines for Making Change Happen

Making positive change happen is hard work. Here are five disciplines that I see effective change-makers adopt that sustain their efforts to make an outsized impact and make the journey more enjoyable:

  1. Make it a worthwhile challenge

We rise to the challenge when it’s something worthwhile rising for. Pursue the change you want to see in the world: the big question that gets you rising out of bed every day.

What’s Your Big Question?

  1. Play a long game

When you play a long game, you’re investing now to get the reward down the track. Exponential gains kick in at the end, not at the beginning. Extend your horizons. 

What’s Your Long Game?

  1. Travel together

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. Build a coalition of people who get you, get the vision, and get the work that needs to be done. Share the load and the fun.

Who Will Travel With You?

  1. Run experiments

Experiments are the engine of change. When we run intelligent experiments - thoughtful, deliberate tests of an idea - we accelerate learning and progress.

What Will You Experiment With?

  1. Share your story

As Brene Brown says, “stories are data with a soul”. When you keep sharing your story of what you’re pursuing, learning and creating, you’ll attract people who want to help.

What’s Your Story?

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