Never Static. Always Changing.

Check out these two hairstyles!

Back in 1974 short hair was, well, shorter than long hair! But by today’s standards, I reckon the ‘short’ haircut on the left isn’t actually that short.

What defined normal then isn’t what we’d call normal now.

How does change happen? I Googled ‘what causes hairstyles to change over time?’ Google says ‘popular culture’. What shapes popular culture? Google says ‘youth’. Which, if you think about it, makes sense. The exploratory, open-minded nature of younger people naturally leads to pushing against the status quo, and lots of different experiments. Some of which stick and go viral.

My point?

Nothing is static. Including hairstyles. Our context - whether it be global, national, organisational, team or our life, is ever-evolving. And yet the future isn’t fixed. It’s malleable. We can shape it.

To shape the future you need a youth-like mindset. One that’s always looking for what could be possible, and is willing to try new ways. One that asks questions and follows where they lead.

Is that you?

If so, let me help you shape the future. My work is all about supporting change-makers to have more impact with less drama.

Here’s how I can help you:

Download a free copy of my Change Makers book. This is perfect if you’re curious about how to dial up your change-making muscles.

Join the Change Makers information webinar. If you’re ready to get some help in turbo-charging your change-making efforts, I’ll talk you through what it takes to level-up.

Book a call. I’m looking for 12 people to join the next cohort of my Change Makers programme, kicking off in May this year. If you think you’re ready for that, book a call with me and explore whether it’s right for you.

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